Spring vacation destination – Turkey (part 2)

 so we left Istanbul city for now by Metro bus to Canakkale (for 40 TR) at 11:30 am, after 5 h. we entered by ferry to town of Canakkale. What is interesting about this town:

Situated on southern coast of Dardanelles;

The Byzantine name for Çanakkale was Δαρδανέλλια Dardanellia, from which the English name Dardanelles is derived. Çanakkale was an Ottoman fortress called Kale-i Sultaniye or Sultaniye kalesi (Fortress of the Sultan). It later became known for its pottery, hence the later name Çanak kalesi ‘pot fortress’ or ‘Çanakkale.


The real history of Çanakkale started with Troy.

Later the Aeolian Greeks settled on that important land in the 8th century BC and established many trade colonies in the region called Aeolis. The region came under the control of the Lydians in the 7th century BC and under the control of the Persians in the 6th century BC. Aeolis went under the control of the Macedonians as Alexander the Great defeated the Persians by the Granicus River of the region in the Battle of the Granicus on his way to Asia. The region went under the reign of the Kingdom of Pergamon in the 2nd century BC.

The Ottomans gained control of Gallipoli in 1367.

In 1915, during the First World War, Great Britain and France attempted to to capture the Ottoman capital of Constantinople and secure a sea route to Russia. Known as the The Gallipoli Campaign, or the Dardanelles Campaign, in Turkey it is referred to as the Battle of Çanakkale (Turkish: Çanakkale Savaşı), in particular the sea battle which took place on March 1915 where the Royal Navy was repulsed by Turkish forces.

view from my window just to the harbor, so i was controlling who is coming in and leaving this town 🙂

Troy horse from Hollywood as a gift to Canakkale 🙂

when i got hungry I found this french café to eat, and i liked it

next days planning was not so easy, I read more and more about Assos very small but historically known town : Academy (founded by Aristotle), ancient temple of Athena (much of the art from here is moved to Louvre), Hellenic columns, old theater, Aegean sea-coast;

But it wasn’t so easy to go there alone, so I dropped it.

Desired destination was Troy without doubt, another planned one was Galipolli, which i didn’t liek from the beginning, cos what i seen or read about it-it’s just field with few monuments and lot of graves in seaside in memory of Galipolli buttle during Word War I.

On 29th we went to Troy, I will add just photos but know that i had just magnificent emotions walking there around those ruins, imagining what was there so long ago!

March 30 

00:00 h. no message or call with “happy birthday” :S

morning_no “happy birthday”-hug-kiss :s

last night i canceled definitely Galipolli tour for my birthday, cos i really didn’t want to walk among past shadow, among graves, in wind somewhere.

I slept a lot, than went to FB, gathered lot of congratulations 🙂 Than walked all Canakalle, nobody knew i had birthday! so strange! :)))

in the evening I went to that French cafe and cheered myself with Margarita 🙂 was nice, that’s it all celebration of my 28 years 🙂

ok, yeah i was sad that evening.

31th in the evening I had flight, in airport in in awaiting area Georgians were singing so lovely! it was just amazing, I doubt if someone can hear something better somewhere else




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