Oscar et la Dame Rose

Je suis tellement immpressioné  et agité ,je sais pas en quelle langue écrire, je bien voudrais faire ça en français mais en anglais ça sera plus compréhensible pour tout le monde.

Alors c’était le film – Oscar et la dame Rose

Oscar et la dame rose est un roman d’Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, né le 28 mars 1960 à Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon en France, est un dramaturge, nouvelliste, romancier et réalisateur franco-belge.









It’s my first time that I liked movie after reading book first. Usually, U know how it happens: when u read book, you are like metteur en scène=director, and during reading in your mind you are making movie from it, you see very clearly every scene, every episode, every personage, and it’s wonderful, you enjoy your creation, you like your movie very much!

But than happens what?!: you see somewhere the movie made on this book, made by some director, but it is already illusion and creation of mind of that someone, someone else=director!, it’s not your “fruit d’imagination “, it is “fruit d’imagination” of director of the movie, usually it’s far not similar to your “movie”, that’s why you don’t like it.

But today happened different thing: I read few days ago this book of Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt- Oscar and the Lady in Pink, I liked book, really, very much, it was fun , but same time very very sad, and i even cry in the end ( i read it in the clinic, time was about 4-5AM).

When i got back home that morning, i read in internet about Schmitt, i was wondering if he is a doctor or was a patient..but couldn’t find anything like this.Then I discovered that there is a movie made by this roman, i found it, and downloaded, so today , after next night shift, i had time and watched it, almost all the movie my eyes were full of liquid and therefore my nose too. I loved it! great movie on great story.

One idea came to my head but don’t know how to realize or should I or not?: I suddenly remembered one doctor who is head of onco-haematology department in my clinic, she is nice woman, good doctor.yeah, i just remembered her, and i wonder if she has seen or read this story.


Oscar, a 10-year-old boy, is staying in the children’s hospital. Neither the doctors nor his parents dare speak the truth about his illness. Only Rose, the

grumpy woman who delivers his pizzas, talks straight to him. To take his mind off things, Rose suggests playing a game with Oscar: They make believe

that each day from now on counts for 10 years. Through this, she offers him a whole life in the space of a few days. To encourage him to open up, she

also suggests that he should write to God. In his letters, Oscar admits to his pain, his worries, and talks of his joys, his first love, the passing of time. A

unique friendship grows between Oscar and Rose. Neither of them have any idea just how much this complicity will change their destiny.


What memories to do you have of creating OSCAR AND THE LADY IN PINK?

OSCAR was an unexpected and runaway success. Unexpected because it deals with a taboo subject; that of a child’s illness, and inexorably, his death. In writing it – for an internal necessity – I said to myself: “If there’s a book of mine that the public could turn down, it’s this one. ” Yet it was the complete opposite. OSCAR AND THE LADY IN PINK totally changed my career. I became a popular author. This tale went to people’s hearts. The first to read it were doctors who bought it by the dozen to give to their personnel in clinics or to certain patients. Unusually, this non-medical book received an award from the Academy of Medicine, the Hamburger prize, which considered that OSCAR AND THE LADY IN PINK contributed to the humanization of the hospital and helped understand the position of the sick person. The second path of its success was with the young. Children of Oscar’s age, 10 years old, started to read it and recommend it to each other, then gave it to their parents and grand-parents. As a result, the book became trans-generational. It stayed for 160 weeks on the best-seller list. And it has been translated into some 40 languages and is being continually reprinted.

p.s I am searching this book to read online in french language, if anyone can help.. :)thanks

p.p.s. I think I don’t have to write any wise things here, just read it and see the movie and you will have your impressions and wise ideas about 🙂

p.p.p.s. take care of yourself

We all need someone to love, someone to share with, someone to write letters to


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