Enrique Iglesias inda city

MTV Live Georgia: Enrique Iglesias In Batumi

More than 600 million people in 152 countries will be able to watch part of the MTV Live Georgia concert through the MTV World Stage.

i was planning this day since i heard that he arrives to Batumi. I wrote on friend’s wall news and said – we have to dance again on his songs, the answer was-yes, sure!

so this idea doesn’t left my head after that

i had very precise plan _ we would get there HHing, we would left in the morning very earlier, get there about 4PM, swimming in the sea, left somewhere our backpacks, go see Enrique, listen to him and dance, than back to the beach (actually in whole beach there was sound from the concert), fix tent, night-swimming in the sea by moonlight (which i have not done yet, and want to do), sitting on the beach with Enrique’s music and beer mmm

sleeping under the open sky or beach-tent (latter-never done, but wish to)

next morning-swimming in the morning sea with sunrise, take little “shower of sun” and leaving

oh i forgot–acharuli-kachapuri-eating—obviously


but it was just a plan, never realized :(…

E. arrived in the evening of 1st august, he tested apparatus,stage, voices…

next day–great day

I can’t say that i’m fond of or am fan or am crazy about him, or his songs and that i listen him regularly–no, but there is something, in his voice, in his appearance, his manners, his face, his look, his spanish accent…

I don’t know if  reason was  disappointment because of  failing of my plans (i hate when my plan is failed) or what but that day (and few days before and after–i mean whole the time when in TV there was actively videos and news from that MTV-live-Georgia-concert! d’ohh!

i was so sad , so angry

i was sitting here in tbilisi and all i could do was being angry on me and on all those people who could went there  (  :)))  )

that night i worked

i dressed up for clinic, when people in Batumi were dressing up for E.

I went to Clinic time when people in Batumi were going to concert

was so busy during take care of those extremely ill newborns that almost forgot E.

but all the time passing by, in or out from doc.’lounge room, from TV–Enrique was singing!

was getting more and more flustrated but back to the ward–and amnesia :)))

With or Without Enrique I will go to Batumi-city anyway HHing with tents!



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