He’s Just Not That into You

What kind of “animals” are men?!

Men are hunters, men are brave, men are courageous and they are just cute! 🙂

And we women we are weak and fragile..

Once I was waiting for a bus, was really in hurry, worried because I was late…walked up and down nervously, and one big guy came and start to chat, than we sat together in bus, finally he said-“u seemed so weak, unprotected.. That I wanted to come and help not only now, but take care of such a beautiful, fragile creation forever. Well I was in hurry and late for date with cool guy, so of course I never remembered after that about this “bus-caring-guy”, but I just remembered this phrase.

And that’s so true, we need men by our side; maybe we are not so fragile and weak as we seem, and maybe we are very strong in the deep, even more stronger than men, but we always want strong men by our side . men who will protect us and who will care about us. That’s the nature! That’s the rule!

Men are different from women. Women who call men, ask them out, conveniently have two tickets to a show, or offer sex on the first date  or are initiators of first kiss or are telling to man first 3 magic words—destroy male ambition and animal drive. Men are born to respond to challenge.

So, Let Man be a Man! 🙂

We, girls, we are exaggerating everything, we have too big expectations, and then big disappointments because of it. but men they have simple rules, no rules, if at first meeting they are not paying big attention to you and don’t say nice words about your “womanity” that doesn’t means that they are shy and can’t say or express anything at first date, that means simply—he’s just not that into you!

If he don’t calls—that doesn’t means that he will call you later, that doesn’t means that you must wait him forever. That means that he just don’t wants to call you, don’t wants to meet you again, he’s just not that into you. You simply say-Next please! 🙂

If he don’t notice you in the crowd, don’t feels that you are somewhere there. That means that he’s just not that into you and don’t try to do so that he notice you. Don’t make hard efforts.

When he asks about your day not necessary to tell every detail and whole schedule, he is not really interesting in it. It’s just topic to start chatting. Less you will say better.

When he invites you to go out just 30 mins before planned “going out”:O that’s so unserious! You can’t be always free, you are busy and maybe you already had planned “long before” something for this evening—he didn’t think about it?! ohh he is not that into you, he wants just bed with you or have a short adventure. Man who is serious about you he will plan before few days—where to go, how to go and everything and calls you to be sure that you won’t plan anything else for that evening and that you’ll be available only for him.

Man who is asking you to place which is much closer to his place and you have to pass whole city! hmmm –bad!!!! he must make efforts, he must traverse whole city for you! not You!

after relationship he says “I need to take time-out”–:O awful, he wants to be alone, without you for a while, what, is he tired from you? He needs some rest, rest from you?! hmm it’s step to final break up. what, we must sit back and wait for him?! –of course not! Do we need distance to get close? or we must blame ourselves that we should try little harder, we r doing our best, it must be enough, if it’s not enough—he’s just not that  into you. Next please!

on other hand—short breaks only shows, only makes you sure—how much u both love each other!

on third hand- he may come back  with flowers and say—I love you, this time without you was  awful and I can’t be without you!

but in most cases it’s ends up that way which shows what a  s-o-b(son of a bitch) men are (sometimes).They are just afraid of say it loud that’s “the end”….

Man who is telling you (after date or after short conversation) that he is sleepy, have to wake up 2morrow earlier, have to go work earlier or have stuff to do, he’s just not into you, he don’t wants to stay longer with you; so take it easy and say-Next please! 🙂

because men always finds time for his preferred one! he is never lazy never, tired for her! 🙂

“everything is evident without words!”- bullshit, words are necessary, you can’t always understand right meaning of gestures, mimics and other body languages or acting.

there must be fever, you must feel “zha zha zhu” always, if not he is just not him and — Next please! 🙂

oh and last thing : this is so true:



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