answer on “I love u”

_ i love u

_ oh thank u :blush:


_ i LOve u

_ oh i’m glad, i really appreciate it 🙂


_seni cok seviyorum

_:) ben sen sevmek cok :))


_ I Love u

_ oh really? no, u don’t….

well it’s my answers, i usualy answer this way on “i love u”. when i can’t answer with same 3 “magic words” 🙂 it’s funny and stupid, but i can’t help it, when i don’t feel it i can’t say it…

i remember the episode from “sex and the city”

when Mr. BIg gave ugly small purse to carrie as gift, she didn’t like it, but she loved the fact, and feelings come to her head or heart and she said_I Love U…after stupid and uncomfortable pause, he sais_ u r welcome..she is in shock

what a answer_i love u_u r welcome!

than there was discussion between girls: maybe he got _ i love it (about bag), no, i said it clearly_ I love U!…

it was funny in a movie….

(p.s. there is also moment in this big video which must be seen, on 8th minute)

or other one, almost same, imagine:

she wrotes: i have feeling like i love u

big silence

than riddle :

pronounced as one letter and written with three. two letters there are and two only in me, i’m double, i’m single, i’m black, blue and green. I’m read from both ends. and the same either way. what am i?


i hate riddles, i never loved them, but in such situation especially..

well after shock-period i answered_ “eye”…..

well  it wasn’t funny at all, cos it was my case…

now it’s droll, but it was pretty depressive that time


3 thoughts on “answer on “I love u”

  1. Hahaaaa, I love “satc”. I love it since childhood. Well yeap, the reaction of Mr. Big was really in his style, unfortunately. But I liked Samantha’s reaction on the other day 😀 😀

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