summer almost gone

my grey summer

i’m 26 years old, and i never had such boring’s not pessimistic post

i’m fine, i have grape on dish, from my  vineyard, i just watched 4-5th episodes of sex and the city, listening “hippo and dog in the jungle” and making Chocolate Cream Pie in my facebook café 🙂 and  ah-la-la-la life is wonderful ( life is wonderful by jason mraz)

june and july was very hot, and i was forced to go everyday to clinic… in the end of july i met artist, so i was attending often theatre, almost same time i had my own artistic experience , separately, it was linked to CCF (centre culturel francais), and i liked it, i was pretty good artist :)) well that’s the words of  spectators 🙂

i played dramatically girl with yashmask (by HUgo) who was violated by brothers…also i was great in Djins, also as grandpa, Degas’ ballerina with arabesque and curtsey… well it was really so nice

my parisian friend visited me, we walked around tbilisi, talked a lot, see a lot, was pleasant….

i had a chance sail across Tbilissi “lake” (everybody calls it sea, i can’t call it  sea!)

i met big fan of movie, who has ticket to all seances, so i had few cinema-full-after-cafe-evenings;

ohh i spend one whole week in my friend’s village, did i mention it? it’s beautiful small village surrounded by smal hills, we were hiking a lot, we visited all nearest or far churches and monasteries :), after 6 days i was really bored and i said to her–sorry but 2morrow morning i’m going back to city :), she was disappointed and after my leaving–double bored, so she left 1,5 days later.

ohh main news_i cut my hairs, that’s not everything, i also coloured them :(, ohh and opinions was so varied … one even estimated me with point_1 (from 5) :O it was so horrible , i undesrtand that he didn’t like but was it necessary to write me point 1 without a single word?! this what i call rudeness and tactelessness (i never met him again, and won’t ever!); well other ones liked it, said it’s sexy! well i know it’s not perfect, but i like, it, it’s different, and i was in need of changes!!!!

i read few french(sensless) books, watched lot of romantic comedies (in eng. and/or french), TV show sur TV5monde_Tout Le Monde Veut Prendre Sa Place avec Nagui; sent few mails to different chef de service of pediatrics….

how you get when something  ends?! isn’t it better to talk about and to make all clear?! or are we just afraid of bad endings and prefer just not to talk?! talk or not talk any way it’s painful ….

in “the sex and the city” charlotte sais u need half time of period during which u were meeting this someone to get free of him…so i need 6 more months :(…

now i’m hosting my slovakian friend, well i met him on facebook , i don’t remember the begining of our comunication, but i do remember that he knew lot of things about Georgia, was very excited by russian’s agression and was asking me everyday how was i, what’s new, how is situation here duriing  war days (summer 2008), it was nice.

well so now he is here, with his best friend, whith whom he likes travel, and he travels a lot

we visited all prominent places in TB, we visited Mtskheta,Jvari,Sighnaghi,Bodbe, they were also in Davit-gareji and Kazbeghi, and we will meet eachoether in Batumi, and will have some trips there too.

oh Did i said Batumi? this beautiful sea-town, which is more and more blooming from year to year;

i’m going there 2morrow

well sea-season is almost gone, but now is the “velvet” season (means warm autumn and said it’s really good in seaside)

also it’s not so crowded, but in the sea are medusas :S but i so hope there won’t be so much :S

6 sunsets on the beach are waiting for  me

the end


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