doing now

i’m sitting here in a boring room it’s just another rainy sunday afternoon , i’m wasting my time,i got nothing to do, i’m hanging around i’m waiting for u

but nothing ever happens and  I  wonder

actualy i’m listening music, strange but i listened–beyonce-single ladies–it’s very rythmic and makes me on ood of dance 🙂

also strange but i had listen-gven stefani-cool

and now i  suddenly remembered about -AYO :), remember her/?–i loved her-down on my knees (my good old friend gave me it to listen and i liked it)

so on youtube now i’m listening some other songs of her

ohh but she is so sad and sentimental

at the end i’ll listen beyonce again and will got on dance mood 🙂

look at this nice maisonette

aaaaannnnnnd  for the end of course my prefered J.M. 🙂


2 thoughts on “doing now

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