la montagne

à quoi on pense en ecoutant ce mot? _ de grande chose, inaccessible, froide, haute, blanche (couvert par neige—c’est pourquoi froide et c’est pourquoi blanche).  

it is standing there firmly, proudly and dignement. not easy to reach to the top of it. u must be alpinist, good climber in other cases u can just watch from bottom or from distance! with feeling of unableness. poor u!

usually I prefer sea and summer, and hot… all my summers I pass on the seasides, very rarely dans la montagne. because I’m warm-blooded, from warm land, love warm, warm, warm, I wish to live in the land where during all the year is warm. 

I don’t think that la montagne can speak, it can only listen, and listen without emotions, u can’t get either it is happy about what r u saying or not, maybe only if it will be very angry will raise his eyebrows. our great writers—Ilia Chavchavadze and Vaja-phavela loved to write about mountain allegorically, like it’s a man, and where trying to say something by its character.

I’m not big master of reading minds, it’s my foible :S. so I’m always trying to make people or mountains talk, I’m not trusting only my perception , reading mind, or mimics; but if mountain is real mountain and very self-contained I’m getting lot of worries, cos everytime I’m in reflections—what does he thinks, does he likes or not, what he wants, what he don’t wants, why he is not talking, not talking , nat talking….

horrible terrible sensation :S

but this is the character of mountain, u –little , weak person can’t change it, can’t do anything besides accept him how he is or just pass by


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