test :P

What kind of guy do YOU attract?

1)   Your crush just asked you out! what kind of date do u go on?

*  He makes a whole picnic on the beach as u talk   and watch the waves as the sun sets in the distance–perfection
He takes u down the local carnival and wins u a bear as u eat snow cones
He picks u up to see a movie but completly ignores u and texts another as u sit right there!
He takes u too a concert of a band u’ve never heard of…that u love!

2)   You are finally bringing ur new boyfriend home to ur parents, how does he act?

*    He rings the door and when u anwser he is carrying a bouquet or flowers for parents. He is polite and gracious and can easily keep up a conversation. ur parents give him a look of approval.
As u wait for him to arrive u hears a “rev rev” outside ur window…u all stick ur faces to the glass as ur bf waves and pulls off his helmet..uh oh :/
He makes ur parents crack up with his hilarious stories and cute jokes…ur parents tell u later hes a keeper 🙂
He comes 30 minutes late and has a lame excuse. At dinner he doesnt join in on the conversation and is more busy texting. U are completly embarresed

3)    Its ur first valentines day with him, what does he give u to celebrate ur first valentines day?     He hands u a huge box…and out comes ur own custom motorcycle helmet! and its pink! could it get any better?
–   He takes u out to the fanciest restaurant in town and when u are eating desert he pulls out a box…a tiffany box! inside is the prettiest charm braclet u’ve ever seen! Its the best gift u have ever recieved
–  Nothing…u get absolutly nothing and when u ask what the plans are that night he says “i’ve got plans with the guys” instead u watch the notebook with the candy U bought on ur own…what a jerk </3
*   He pulls out a single flower u go to smell it but it squirts in ur face! u are about to run away when he pulls u close and hands u a cute teddy bear that says “i love u!” and is holding ur favorite chocolate. can u say Aw!

4)    How does ur guy make u feel?     Like dirt…insecre and miserable
*  Like an absoulte princess and loved
–  Like a rebel…he makes u feel wild!
–  Happy…like u can laugh for hours and he wouldnt make fun of u

5)      Finally, What does he look like?     Cute and is known by everyone…but his eyes are souless and he seems like he has no heart when talks to u.
–   Leather jacket, Biker boots and smoldering dark eyes that trap u in his stare..
–  completly adorable! hes smart and athletic and everyone loves him…perfect
*  Cute and quirky…he definitly makes u look and smile when he is in ur presence

შედეგი :

You got The Sweet Heart
he loves to love u! He knows how to treat a lady and has the best kind of heart—the kind one 🙂 He makes u feel like the most beautiful girl in the world…he a good catch

🙂  იფ იფ რა კარგია,მაგრამ სადაა…..


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