Translating What Men Say Into What Men Mean

ვნახოთ აბა რას წერენ 🙂

He says: “I’ll call you.”

He means: “I may call you.”


He says: “I like your shirt/necklace/shoes/hair.”

He means: “You look good.”
He may have an ulterior motive when he compliments you, but that doesn’t make the praise any less sincere. The fact is, men are generally terrible at false flattery. Instead of accusing us of feeding you a line (we know we are!), feel good about the fact that we’ve noticed something about you that’s attractive and memorable. Just don’t ask us to remember the brand of those cute shoes.
He says: “I’ve been busy lately.”

He means (if you’ve dated less than six months): “I’ve lost interest in you.”
He means (if you’ve dated longer than that): “I like you, but I need to focus on other things.”
მეც ესე ვარ,ესე ვიტყოდი 🙂
He says: “I need some space.”

He means: “This relationship is moving too fast.”
აი ეს ყველაზე ” კარქია ”
He says: “I love spending time with you.”

He means: “I love you… I think.”
He says: “I don’t believe in marriage.”

He means: “I’m not going to marry you.”
He may not care for you deeply enough. In any case, you have a better chance of making out with Brad Pitt than waiting for him to “come around.” Either enjoy his company for what it is or move on.
He says: “I want this to last forever.”

He means: “I’m really happy right now.”
ანუ როცა ისინი მომავალზე ლაპარაკობენ სრული აბსურდია, ისინი გულისხმობენ იმას რასაც ამ წუთას და ამ ადგილას ფიქრობენ
ესე რომ ჯობია არა მისი მომავალზე ბლა-ბლა-ბლაებით შეაფასოთო თქვენი ”კოპენი” არამედ აი ამით  ” Is he physically affectionate? Does he remember things that are important to you? Does he support you when you need it?


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