from diary

once somebody asked me to read fragment from diary, but for it was necessesary to translate it,this days i’m little bit ill, so i ‘m at home,and will do it now 😛

29 avril (2007)

went to dance class , was in jeans and yellow shirt, spread hair, i changed, sat down and was watching for a while Ira & kakha, Giorgi and his couple dancing and was enjoying.


first dance-new salsa in couples; toward me was moving Giorgi 🙂 and one guy (yokel , rustre) 😦

Giorgi was fisrt  and “smileing trio ” (i was smiling cos was happy, george was content, rustre was displeased but was trying to hide it by smile), i said u “won”, was first, he said-yeah, if u want i can let him.., me: no,no no, what r u conraire (“rustre” wasn’t hearing,otherway i couldn’t express how i was happy that Giorgi was first and not him)

he was dancing very strech,in high temp and with very gracious manner, i couldn’t do like him, we talked about my new dance shoes; i was so inspired by his dance that wasn’t remembered that there was one move when i had to “lie down over his hand”(lean)(i don’t know how to explain this posture),so i was going to pass by basic moves, but Giorgi was of course remembering and he turned me so fast and so unexpectedly :O, and made m emake this move with force, that i shout :)))because of unexpectness ,when i looked around everybody was freezed and looking at us :))), kahka to Giorgi: don’t u know that u must be tender with mademoiselle :), teacher was smiling with eyes :)), i excused-i didn’t remembered it was now..ok, it’s ok, he was little bit shamed from this big attention..i hoped he won’t give up , and will not loose desire to dance with me 😦

we continiue, when we was near this movement he remind me, yes yes i do remember now of course!, and we did it in accord and it was  so great and beautiful,so light and easy, never ever did it better! :),with whole my body i rest on him,no one else make me do this movement better, nor Kandelaki,nor “rustre” 🙂 ….

class was continiued : quickstep with “rustre”, “blues” with “black”, rumba & jive with Qajaia (that was great too)…


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